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John H. CMT #92785

For many years, John has been dedicated to providing therapeutic relief through massage. With a profound background in hospice and healing therapeutic treatments, John brings a unique and compassionate expertise to his practice.

John found massage at a challenging time in his life. As his father entered the sunset years, John felt powerless to help ease his fathers discomfort. After learning massage he used it for the rest of his fathers sunset time. Afterwards John was drawn to continue using his skills with many other souls resulting in over 5 years of hospice massage care.

John's massage approach is defined by a strong, effective touch that reaches deep into muscle tissue. He skillfully balances therapeutic techniques, starting from top to bottom to create a soothing massage, ensuring that your experience is both healing and relaxing.

Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain or simply yearning for relaxation, John is here to customize his skills to address your specific needs. He has a strong grounded presence focussed on healing you through well informed compassion.

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