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Michelle L. CMT #35468

Michelle’s massage technique is synergy of science and understanding,


She has a very keen eye for the unique needs of the client and makes sure to fully tailor each session.

With a traditional Myofacial approach, each of her sessions is unique, dedicated to resolving structural imbalances.
She is also listening to the clients feedback at all times and adjusting. Michelle has worked in the massage field
for 9 years. She attended the Pacific College of Health and Sciences. Graduating with a certification in
Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork in August 2012.


Dedicated to advancing her skills, along with others, Michelle teaches massage. She is working as
Teaching Assistant for PCHS’s TuiNa and Circulatory/Swedish courses in the San Diego area.


Her approach is grounded in a lifestyle of exercise and physical therapy. This long range understanding of body mechanics makes her a valuable asset to anyones training regiment. She is a mother of two and works with a personal trainer to keep in shape and ensure she is always at her best. She is ready to highly encourage her clients to do the same.


Michelle strongly believes that taking care of our bodies through massage and exercise can help us heal quicker
and live a better life.