Sean C. CMT #38108

Sean Draws from a lifetime of movement and exercise.

    As a Therapist, Sean identifies with his marital arts background. He began his training young in Judo, but quickly transitioned to Kenpo Karate. In his twenties and thirties he achieved the rank of Black Belt in Chao Lay Fut Kung Fu. Sean found great release in the swirling style of the Chinese martial arts, as well as the power of the San Shou Kick Boxing style. Before he twisted his knee at a tournament, Sean was practicing kung fu most days and nights, including after hours training, where the San Shou fighting team would fight twice weekly. Twisting his knee was a mental blow since Sean realized that the way he was training had been the cause of the injury. He had to change his style completely. At that point Sean transitioned into Deep Tissue Massage, as his current “marital art”. 

    A lifetime of martial arts has also created a lifetime of training and events. Sean has participated in the Bay to Breakers, The Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon, Century 100/mile Bicycle tours, Tough Mudders, Kick Boxing Tournaments. He has hitchhiked across California and has sailed the coast of California and Baja. Sean is also active in the San Diego Tango community. With all this, he understands the rigors of an event and the agony/ecstasy that is found in the months of necessary preparation for such experiences. He also understands the realities of recovery.

    In education, Sean has always drawn on the sciences for his approach to massage. As a therapist, his primary focus is to use his understanding of anatomy and nervous structure to communicate directly with the fascia. He can directly pinpoint issues while simultaneously offering full body recalibration. Sean is passionate about helping all people enjoy recovery from intense exercise, injury and the benefits of focused massage as part of a rigorous training regimen.  


    As a business owner Sean draws from an even more complex work history. Most of his adult life, he has had to work two jobs and or taken night classes, just to keep up in these busy times. He has worked in the corporate office, management, a city bicycle messenger, video game production, graphic design, national print campaigns and computer

animation. Sean has been a cook, he has been a sailor, he has been a landlord, author and much more.

    Over the years, Sean has been very active in the massage field. He has worked on hillsides and farmers markets. He has attended corporate fairs and gyms. But foremost Sean developed a strong practice in Walnut Creek before deciding to make to move to sunny San Diego. Working at Loosen Up Bodywork provided him with advanced training as he watched it grow from a single room to it's current size. Loosen Up Bodywork has just won the Walnut Creek Magazine award for "Best of Walnut Creek 2018". They are well recognized as the place to go to for sports recovery.


    Sean’s work motivation can be boiled down to a single word “Team”. He learned over the years that a business succeeds when everyone is invested and accomplishing their goals. Sean draws on all his years to ensure that his massage office is a business for therapists as much as for the clients. By offering all this therapists consistent training, a great environment with a smoothly functioning business structure. Sean can make certain his team will thrive and provide an always improving service. He knows that by making their life better, we all benefit. 

    In the coming years Sean looks forward to watching Full Attention Movement and Bodywork grow, providing the greater San Diego area with the highest quality Deep Tissue Massage, Sports and Recovery Therapy!