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Sean C. CMT #38108

Sean is a therapist with a background in martial arts. He has trained in Kenpo Karate, and Chao Lay Fut Kung Fu, achieving the rank of Black Belt in the latter. He has also practiced San Shou Kick Boxing. Sean has participated in various physical events and competitions, such as the Bay to Breakers, the Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon, and Tough Mudder. He is also active in the San Diego tango community.


In his education and therapy practice, Sean focuses on using his knowledge of anatomy and nervous structure to address issues with the fascia. He believes in the benefits of massage as part of a training regimen.


As a business owner, Sean has a diverse work history and understands the importance of teamwork and a supportive environment for his therapists to succeed and provide high-quality services. He looks forward to growing his business, Full Attention Movement and Bodywork, in the San Diego area.

news, massage therapy, therapist, health
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